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You look to your left and see hellfire. It’s the deepest level. There’s a crevice made from rock and from it the fire expands and licks at your feet. But God will “turn the effects on” once you pick where you want to go. The right shows heaven’s gates, made of liquid gold and tall, but God doesn’t let you look through them. You get the feeling that God is just messing with you, there’s no possible way you got matching scores and he is deeming you an “ambiguous person” who gets to decide where he goes. You decide heaven anyways.

The gates open and fuck, there’s hellfire in here! But it’s limited, and it’s mostly inside this weird cave made of glass. There’s a lineup to go inside, which is pretty curious, as there seems to be an inferno in there and you hear screams, but you line up anyways. A dead person can’t get more dead. Hey, is this hell after all?

The line starts moving all at once. Inside the glass cave you see the edges melting away. The line moves and moves. You’re getting closer to the fire, the screams. You tap a woman’s shoulder, who actually turns out to be a man, and you ask him what’s happening. Don’t know, just got here, he says. You think it’s some sort of initiation into heaven.

Then the fire comes, and you shield the skin of your face with both of your hands. You peek through the cracks of your individual fingers. The people are being tied to the floor (also glass) and made to look at the sun shining through the cave and nothing else. They scream. There is something that reminds you of this scene, but you can’t put your name on it. Hey, what is your name?

You think about bolting, but your legs keep on moving forward. You think Fuck God, I hate that guy so he kicks you out of heaven and from this place that wants to sear and melt your eyes into your sockets, but He doesn’t do anything. You get closer and see hundreds of people with their knees to the floor, screaming into oblivion. Hey, is this oblivion after all?

Your mom should’ve reminded you to put your seatbelt on this morning for the third time, that way you would’ve done it, and you wouldn’t be here. The man in front of you is next, and he gets his hands tied with coarse brown rope that doesn’t seem heavenly at all. You shout that you want the gold rope if you’re gonna be doing this. A woman with plexiglass earrings that reflect the sunlight coming from the people’s eyes comes towards you. She stuffs a sock in your mouth and pushes you down to the floor. She giggles, and calls you cute.

She grabs your head and angles it up towards the sun, and well, dead people can get more dead. Apparently it’s true.

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