Printable Planners Are Officially on Sale

Updated: Mar 11

My printable planners including weekly, daily, and monthly planners are officially on sale at my Etsy shop Printables & More.

Currently $15.00 CAD or $12.33 USD.

Individual sheets are $4.00 CAD or $3.29 USD.

Classic Happy Planner, Mini Happy Planner, Pocket Size Planner, Personal Planner, Personal Wide Planner, and B6 Rings Planner is also available

I'm one of those people who needs to have a planner to guide me through my day, week, life, whatever. This was especially true during my university years when the assignments and studying piled up every day. My planner during this time was my laptop's notes app...efficient yet not that exciting or pretty to look at.

I switched to a physical planner last year but had a hard time finding one I liked. I wanted to order it online, but many of the planners I saw were either too expensive or aesthetically displeasing. After combing through the pages, I decided on a utilitarian looking planner that reminded me of something my high school would send out to students each year.

It works. I write in it. I plan things.

But it's running out of pages soon and the hunt to find another one is quickly approaching.

I stumbled across a Pinterest post talking about how people design their own planner sheets and print them out for personal or commercial use. If you go on Etsy and search for printable planners, there are some of the most gorgeous looking planners I've ever seen.

Printable planners are game-changers. Each purchase comes with PDFs that can be printed infinitely. That never run out of a planner and you have access to a beautiful, functional design, forever. The only thing you need is a colour printer or a print shop to print the planner for you. I recommend local print shops because they are usually cheaper with the same level of quality as bigger stores.

Many creators use photoshop or Adobe Illustrator to design their planners because it lends them so much creative freedom. They can save templates, colour swatches, and effortlessly resize sheets.

I didn't have that much time to re-learn photoshop right now with a full-time job and a million other things going on, including writing stories to publish on this blog, so currently I'm using commercially available templates to design my planners. One day I'll give in and download photoshop.

Look out for these printable planners or other printables to show up in my shop soon:

- novel planning worksheets

- budget/financial planners

- manifestation journal sheets

- wellness planner sheets

- anxiety worksheets

- lab schedule planner

If you have any requests or suggestions on other printables, shoot me comment below!

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